Thursday, March 15, 2018

Weaving Bracelets

Rug hooking is my passion but I also enjoy so many other things. Weaving is one thing I enjoy a lot. I saw some bracelets on Pinterest and decided I needed to make some. Notice I said some. For some odd reason I thought I would sell them. 
 This was one of my first ones so it isn't great but the good news is that I got better.
 Here are 4 before I did all the work to put them on the cuffs. I hand dyed the silk and I use copper cuff blanks. Copper is always good for arthritis so since I had to pick a metal that's the one I chose.
 Some I have beads around the outside and others I didn't . Some have sparkly beads and others dull. They are all backed with Ultrasuede.
I have made several since I took these pictures in many more colors (I was in a blue and purple mood) and have many more to make. When I feel like I have a large enough selection I will open an Etsy store. I'm still not sure why I thought I needed a job but I'm enjoying making these so much. Between dyeing the silks and weaving with the different colors I'm having a blast. I just hope someone likes them enough to buy them. I know what I want to get out of them. Hopefully someone will see the art in them. 

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moosecraft said...

They are beautiful!