Monday, December 15, 2008

Butch by David King for Bigfork Bay Cotton Co.

Shelly, my daughter, and I finished two Butch quilts for Trunk Shows for Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. Butch is designed by the Artist David King and is the companion of Sundance which I finished earlier. Shelly drew the pieces to the Wonder Under Fusible Web, cut them out, and fused the pieces into a quilt top. All I had to do was quilt the top, bind and put on a hanging sleeve. Shelly has been such a great help to me.

This quilt is so adorable! My son Randy has a black lab named Buck who looks so much like Butch. As soon as Randy saw Butch he asked me if I would make him one. How can I resist?

The fabrics used in the kits, which can be ordered directly from Bigfork Bay Cotton Co., are all by Batik Textiles. They are by far my favorite Batik company and anyone who knows me and how much I LOVE my batiks knows that is a big deal. Batik Textiles keep coming out with more wonderful colors and designs all the time.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Plumeria and Hibiscus Quilt Patterns

These are the new Plumeria and Hibiscus Quilt Patterns by Brenda Yirsa for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. I absolutely LOVE all three of her new designs so much. They look like they are so hard but seriously they are not! These quilts, like the Bird of Paradise below, are quilted by Carol Rockwell. I saw no reason to photograph the three I just finished for trunk shows when Carol did such a great job of taking the pictures to send so that I could see how she quilted them. I was so impressed with her quilting that it is how I chose to quilt the trunk shows I have done.
Be sure to see these and other new designs at You can order the kits or patterns by calling Toll Free 1-866·245·5718. Don't forget that they also have the thread kits available for each design as well!

Bigfork Bay Cotton Co Bird of Paradise

This is the new Bird of Paradise pattern, designed by Brenda Yirsa. This particular quilt was photographed and quilted by Carol Rockwell. She was gracious enough to send me photographs so that I could quilt my trunk shows as closely as possible to hers. I love her quilting style so much. Usually when you see a pattern by Bigfork Bay Cotton Company it is her quilting on the cover!
Kits and patterns are available as always at or you can order by calling Toll Free 1-866·245·5718.