Monday, May 28, 2007

Vince and Shelly

Okay! I can't stand not having an updated photo of Vince. He changes so fast. He is such a loveable baby.

Shelly looks great too, doesn't she? She is such a good mom. I really get a kick out of her telling me how to do things, like I've never had a child before. She always was the bossy one. (Sorry Shelly, but you know it's true.) Jenny was the opposite. She just assumed I knew everything.
Oh, I have to tell you a story. Kenzie's Aunt Lisa, Mike's sister, is here from Ohio. Lisa, Mike, Jenny, and Kenzie, came over for a fish fry one night and of course Lisa HAD to hold Vince for the first time. Well.......Kenzie started throwing a fit. Not just a little poutty fit, it was a running down the hall into the bedroom, slamming the door, stomping feet with arms crossed fit. I thought she was jealous because Lisa was holding Vince instead of paying attention to her. I couldn't have been more wrong! Kenzie was extremely upset because SHE wanted Vince! That girl loves her cousin so much! Lisa kept telling me I was wrong and sure enough, as soon as Kenzie got Vince she was happy again.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I don't have any pictures to show this time. I have been so busy since my vacation. Vince has been over every day for his grandma sitting time. He is growing up so quickly, he's 6 months old you know. He finally said "Mama"! Now I need to work on Nana.

The quilting jobs have been pouring in so every spare minute once Vince leaves seems to be going to quilting. Like I mind! When I do get some spare time, I'm working on the Pine Needles Series "In Full Bloom" by McKenna Ryan. I'm doing two at the same time. Kathi Charles and I are doing them together. Jeanie is picking out another series to do too since she got her Farm one done. I have decided to start on a Christmas one in the middle of all of these that's called "When Friends Gather". I don't know why I'm doing it. I don't have a single place to put it. I guess I can take one down at Christmas time. Like I need to start changing them with the seasons......I could you know......Maybe that's not a bad idea after all! (you can tell I'm getting old when I start talking to myself in my blog)

Before vacation I was making matching outfits for Kenzie and Peanut (Elizabeth) so I have got to get back to those too. Peanut is 3 and Kenzie is 5. The outfits have rick rack flowers on them and since they are for summer I had really better get with it.

Randy has been in Washington at the Operating Engineers School in Ellensburg. On the weekends he goes to either Lacey or Sedro Wooley. So far he's gone deep sea fishing on the ocean and gone to a Mariners/Yankees baseball game. He's camping in the mountains by Sedro Wooley this weekend. I think he might be learning a lot in school too. I sure miss him but I am so proud of him for doing such a great job. Only 50 applicants were accepted out of 1200 so we are really excited.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ozark Arkansas

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to Ozark Arkansas. The first picture is Donald Joy, or Huck as we call him, with Alan on our first day there. He took us on a little drive to see the hills. They had just had a frost for the first time in something like 125 years that really froze the leaves so it looked more like fall while we were there than spring.

The second picture is the set-up Huck has for his Hog Roasts! On my birthday they roasted this hog and around 60 people showed up with food and goodies of all kinds. We didn't just meet a lot of nice people there, we made a lot of very good friends. The effort Huck took to roast this hog was amazing. He didn't go to the store and buy it ready to cook. The hog showed up the day before the roast on all fours. The day they got the hog was the day that I decided was a good day for Betty, our hostess, and I to go to the Martha Pullen event in Rogers. We had a really great time and I spent way too much money at Martha's shop that was set up. It was so fun to look at Martha's newsletter at all the pictures and say, "We were there, and there, and......."

We had so many wonderful adventures in Arkansas and we plan to go back soon. Not too soon, I can't handle the heat, but soon.