Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ozark Arkansas

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to Ozark Arkansas. The first picture is Donald Joy, or Huck as we call him, with Alan on our first day there. He took us on a little drive to see the hills. They had just had a frost for the first time in something like 125 years that really froze the leaves so it looked more like fall while we were there than spring.

The second picture is the set-up Huck has for his Hog Roasts! On my birthday they roasted this hog and around 60 people showed up with food and goodies of all kinds. We didn't just meet a lot of nice people there, we made a lot of very good friends. The effort Huck took to roast this hog was amazing. He didn't go to the store and buy it ready to cook. The hog showed up the day before the roast on all fours. The day they got the hog was the day that I decided was a good day for Betty, our hostess, and I to go to the Martha Pullen event in Rogers. We had a really great time and I spent way too much money at Martha's shop that was set up. It was so fun to look at Martha's newsletter at all the pictures and say, "We were there, and there, and......."

We had so many wonderful adventures in Arkansas and we plan to go back soon. Not too soon, I can't handle the heat, but soon.

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Jeanie Kieft said...

What a beauitful area!!! These people really know how to party and welcome people don't they?

I know what you mean by the heat. When they have heat they also have humity which is what I can't take.
Also BUGS!!!!