Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Birthday Gift From Alan

I'm sure everyone is expecting photos of our vacation in Arkansas but I absolutely have to show off my Birthday gift from my husband. I have wanted a spool cabinet for as long as I can remember. While we were in Arkansas we met Lamar, the brother of our good friend Donald. As soon as we entered Lamar's house I was so impressed by the fact that on each side of their sofa was a spool cabinet. I had never seen two cabinets in one place before. When Donald showed us the Victorian bed in their bedroom I was even more surprised to see three more! Now, I thought that was the largest collection anyone could have until I found out he owns about 20 of them!

Lamar and Alan came to be very good friends and when I wasn't around Alan found out the Lamar was willing to part with a two drawer cabinet. I had heard the price at one point and knew we couldn't really afford it so I didn't even bother to want to look at it.

Donald had a huge Hog Roast on my birthday (pictures will follow in another post). Later on in the day Alan asked Betty, Donalds wife, if he should give me my gift then or wait until everyone got there. I thought I had already bought my gift the day before at a Martha Pullen event. They decided I should have it then so when they went into the bedroom to get my gift, I cleared off a spot in front of me at the table to open it. Was I ever surprised when Alan came out with this spool cabinet. Needless to say, I started crying. Alan ALWAYS gets me great gifts and they always seem to make me cry. The funny thing was that we had gone to an auction and when Alan told me there wasn't room for me to get these two Victorian chairs I didn't believe him and bid on them anyway when he wasn't looking, knowing they would easily fit in the car. After I got the spool cabinet I told Alan, "Now I understand why you didn't want me getting the chairs!" Everything did fit in the car on the way home but it was a tight squeese.

We had a good time in Arkansas but I can honestly say that besides the wonderful friends we made, the spool cabinet was the best part.

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Jeanie Kieft said...

You have the most caring, husband!!! He really knows what you like or at least listens!!!
This is so beautiful and I am VERY