Wednesday, February 02, 2011

And Then There Was Color

In an earlier post I mentioned dividing my wool strips in half so that I could make sure I had enough to finish my rug. Well, there is no worry about that! In fact I told my husband I had more than enough cut wool for a rug for his side of the bed and who knows how many others. But that's good. I can just keep right on hooking when this rug is finished.

Since my son has my laptop, I am using my old computer. The antique monitor I am using doesn't show color right so I have no idea if the rug colors are true on the screen or not, but I suppose it really doesn't matter, this is about my rugs progress.  There is much more value variation than I'm seeing on my screen in each of the flowers but hopefully you can see it on yours. I haven't got a clue how well I'm hooking since I don't know anyone who hooks but I know I love how the rug is turning out and I love hooking! I am sure I'll get better as I go along. The beauty is that it's a Primitive Rug so I think that allows for imperfections.  It's going to be on the floor in my bedroom, which means at all times I will be at least 5 feet away from it and as my eyesight gets worse it will just look better and better.