Monday, February 18, 2008

Red Leaf Designs Books

My good friend Joyce Bridger Thompson, of Red Leaf Designs, (web link to the right) has written two Quilt and Bible Study books. Both of these books have been accepted into the Library of Congress. I am so proud of her for this accomplishment.

In the Beginning... is a study of Genesis 1-3. By combining her passion for spiritual knowledge and her artistic ability as a quilt designer, Joyce has created a new approach to grow spiritually, with a bonus of having a beautiful quilt as a meaningful reminder of the journey.

Designed as a 3 month group study, Joyce's explicit and inspiring instruction, plus her own insite, makes it easy to do the study individually. With each chapter in the study you can add to your quilt top.

I was extremely honored when Joyce asked me to quilt the tops made for this book by her and her mother. Little did I know at the time that my quilting was to be blown up as the background for the book.

Reflections of... her first of the series, combines a 6 lesson study based on the five character traits, the fruit of the Spirit, with a beautiful Tree of Life Quilt. With each revealing and uplifting lesson you will receive explicit and easy directions for adding to your quilt top. When you finish your quilt and Bible study, you will have not only grown spiritually but you will have a gorgeous visual reminder to be more like Christ.

I have done and taught these amazing studies and I must say that they are inspiring, well written, and enlightening. One of the Reflections quilts from a study, won first place in the Machine Quilted Wall Hanging division at Yellowstone Quilt Fest, in Cody Wyoming, a couple of years ago. It was made by Chris Algarme and quilted by me. Joyce herself bought the Reflections quilt I made. It was such an honor.

Be sure to check out her other unique quilt patterns at