Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Rug Hook-In

Our second Hook-In was, again, a great success. Barb and Craig Pearson brought two more show and tells. I have to say that Barb's Heart, which is from a Laurel Burch quilt design, literally gave me goose bumps it was so beautifully done.
The camera on my phone didn't do the work justice. She uses (don't quote me) a size 3 cut. I saw a picture online from Laurel Burch's book that Barb took the design from and I have to say that Barb's rug outdid the original from Laurel. It says a lot when someone can out do the artist, especially one as talented as the late Laurel Burch.
Craig's show and tell was this whimsical basket. You can tell he had a lot of fun with color in this rug. His hooking is as perfectly executed and his wife Barb's.

We love hearing Craig and Barb talk about different classes they have taken. They are frequent students at Friends by the Sea and Prairie Rose Rug School. Their stories show the rest of us how much there is to learn at these schools. One thing I have been so amazed at, is the difference in cost between a Rug Camp or School as opposed to a Quilt Retreat and Classes. Roughly around $500 gets you room and board, plus your teacher, for a week. At both of these schools the meals are prepared by outstanding cooks and the atmosphere is light and fun.
Barb designed this whimsical hooked piece to be used as a pillow when she is finished. Her inspiration was Laurel Burch so I guess you could say this is a Laurel Burch adaptation. I only wish you could see the background better. Her teacher dyed it using all the colors left from dyeing the rug. She diluted the dye and spot dyed the white. The colors are so subtle and yet add so much movement. Don't you just love her cat?  


Here we have Barb, working on her rug and Kathi Charles, who had a Quilting day at her house on Saturday so she showed up to visit after everyone left. Two of the sewing gals stopped by for a visit too, which was so nice. We even had a young girl and her husband come in to see what we were up to. Of course, they got a crash course in Traditional and Primitive rug hooking.
 As you can see here, Craig loves rug hooking and it shows not only in his personality but his work. AND he is around 200 days until retirement! I wonder what he is going to do with all that time...

Here is Carol Messerli packing up for the day. She is doing such a great job on this rug. She is as new as I am at hooking. I'm so glad she is "hooked". We enjoy her company so much. I must say that we have such a fun group. We can always use more hookers though. The more the merrier.

 This is Carol's rug so far. Don't you love her color choices? She has a very artistic eye.

Patty Tyrrell is sitting here all packed up. She finished both of the projects she brought. One was her very first hooked purse that she designed herself. I just LOVE it!! She did an outstanding job, especially since she didn't have any instructions. She even sewed a zipper in the top.

 The other project she brought was the Santa ornaments that she started at Prairie Rose Rug School. I still haven't finished mine so she inspired me to get busy on them and get them finished. They will be so cute on the Christmas tree.

And this is what I have done so far on my Button Basket rug. The basket was a challenge for me. I truly had no idea what wool I should use but it came together better than I expected. Sometimes we just have to hook it and see what we think. It is easily changed if needed. Hooking is very forgiving art form, which is good because I've needed to change different areas a few times.

With busy schedules in the month of December, we are taking a break until January 25th. We really want to get more people stopping by to see what we are up to, if for no other reason, to educate more people in our area about rug hooking and it's history. So if you want to see Traditional and Primitive rug hooking, stop by the Bison Room at the Park County Library, between 9:30 and 4:00 on January 25th. We hope to see you then!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Successful First Hook-In

The very first Hook-In for Patty and I was a great success. Craig and Barbara Pearson brought several rugs to show and Patty brought her finished rug that she started at Prairie Rose Rug School.
Craig Pearson started hooking a little over a year before his wife Barbara started. They are both the nicest couple. They hook with different size strips, both small cuts, and when they take classes they both take different teachers. Both are what I consider excellent, proficient, hookers. My stitches have improved simply by watching their work.
Barb Pearson Hooked and Proddy pillow is beyond adorable!

Patty Tyrrell's rug that she started at Prairie Rose Rug School. It just glows! and the church even has a sparkly stained glass window.

Craig Pearson was working on this amazing Mola rug.

Stunning rug by Barb Pearson. 

 Unbelievably beautiful rug by Craig Pearson.

Funky Chickens by Craig Pearson.

Barb Pearson's rug in progress.

Barb Pearson working on her rug.

Carol Messerli, Patty Tyrrell, Kathy Ewing.

Mola rug that Craig Pearson is working on.

Craig Pearson had so many wonderful stories to tell.
It was a great time for all of us and we plan to meet every month. I hope we can interest even more hookers!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Patty Tyrrell and I have been planning our hook-in, here in Cody Wyoming since last month. At first I booked a much smaller room, thinking that it would be only Patty and I, but it has turned out that several people will come so we booked the large room at the Park County Library, in Grizzly Hall. It is from 9:30 until 4:00 Saturday, October 26th. Bring a sack lunch or you can run out for lunch. I thought the Bistro would be open but they are closed on Saturdays. I was told that the chairs are not very comfortable too so bring a cushion or two.  Had I realized there is a full kitchen in the Grizzly Hall I would have planned a pot luck but we can figure this all out after our first Hook-In.

A couple from Powell, the Pearsons, have been hooking for quite a while. In fact, we first found out about them from an article in a newspaper from North Dakota that featured Prairie Rose Rug School. Patty contacted the Pearsons before we went to the school. The Pearsons weren't going to the Prairie Rose Rug School this last session so we didn't get to meet them yet but we were so excited to find out there were other hookers in our area. 

Little is known about rug hooking in this area of the United States but Patty and I are out to change that. Rug hooking is an important part of our history, especially in the Maritime parts of our country and Canada. It has also grown into a form of artistic freedom. Now keep in mind, this isn't the kind of hooking that we did with those little pieces of cut yarn. This is primitive hooking with a strip of wool.

If you would like to learn more about rug hooking, don't be shy, come to our hook-in. We already know there aren't very many experienced hookers in our area so you won't feel out of place. If you aren't interested in learning how to hook but would just like to see some great examples of primitive rug hooking then I hope you will grab a friend or two and come to the Art Show the Pearsons will be having. Patty and I will bring some eye candy too.

So mark your calendars for Saturday, October 26th and plan on having a great time.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffee, Tea, or Bee? Woolin Rouge Designs New Series


Our latest Woolin Rouge Pattern Series is called Coffee, Tea, or Bee? It is a series of 5 different flowers on mug rugs. A small wall hanging with all 5 of the flowers will be next. We want to have each kit packaged in mugs with the picture of the flower block printed on them. Our question is weather you would want the kit without the mug or with the matching mug? The difference would be about $10-$15 more in cost, but you could have your adorable matching mug to drink you favorite beverage from while using your mug rug. You could even have the whole series for you and all your friends while sewing, hooking, or just having a great time talking.
Just to wet your appetite even more is one more sneak peek.
Let me know what you think. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back From Prairie Rose Rug School

Oh my, what an amazing time I had at Prairie Rose Rug School. Patty Tyrrell and I weren't sure what to expect at our first rug school, but we knew we would have fun. I have to say that as few as our expectations were, the week far exceeded them.

Our teacher was Michele Wise.  I said the first morning that if I never learned anything the rest of the week I had already learned more than I ever thought I would. She is absolutely the most amazing teacher, and that's not just coming from a first timer at rug school, it came from women who have gone to schools and camps for years. She taught us several different stitches, finishing techniques, color theory, and the list goes on. Michele was not only informative, she was a blast. If I ever get a chance to take a class from her again I will, not just because she's such a great teacher, but because I just plain enjoyed her company.
Check out the finishing technique on Michele's rug.

So many techniques in this rug of Michele's.
I can't talk about the school without talking about Suzi Jones, our Director. She is kind, organized, fun, and a pleasure to be with. I can't thank her enough for all her hard work, enthusiasm.  Her mother Pat Horn is a long time rug hooker also. She is also a wealth of knowledge and a heart of gold.
This is Suzi Jones and her rug at another camp. Yes I stole this picture from somewhere on the internet.

I also want to mention how wonderful EVERYONE in Assumption Abbey were. Every Monk I met was so fun. They go out of their way to make their guests feel welcome and the food was unbelievably wonderful. Every single meal was so special and even the breaks had fresh baked cookies, quick breads, and once we even had sticky buns.

I would like to lie and say I forgot my camera, but I didn't. I just didn't take pictures with it. I took pictures of people, just not rugs. I know, what was I thinking?! Obviously, I wasn't. I didn't even take any with my phone. So the next pictures are ones Patty Tyrrell, my traveling partner, room mate, and good friend took.
 This is one hooked by Michele Wise. It is a McGown pattern that she changed the background on.
Carolyn Godfread designed and hooked this stunning rug. She is an absolute blast to sit next to the whole week.

 The one on the right is hooked by Pat Horn. She used the tan windowpane that I use to over dye and can sell on our website for the entire background. She said that even non-rug hookers comment on her background.
 Another rug hooked by Pat Horn and I think the design is by Jojolee Designs. I could be wrong with that name.
Sue Cunningham hooked this one . She was a blast to sit next to too. In fact she is another Wyoming girl! She lives in Laramie.

 Brother Lluellyn Kouba hooked this outstanding masterpiece and was working on another equally beautiful rug. In fact he has done a few. He paints and is an amazing potter for the Abbey. He was such a pleasure to meet, as were all the Monks.
 This adorable doll is by  Michele Wise. She is just so creative!!
So this is just a little about my adventure. I certainly hope to go back next year!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wool for School

I can't wait for school to start!! Prairie Rose Rug School, that is.  I've never been to a rug school or camp and I am so excited that I just can't stand it!! Patty Tyrrell and I are headed to Richardton, ND on the 4th of August for a week at Assumption Abbey. Our teacher will be Michele Wise. Did I mention how excited I am?
Button Basket by Susan Quicksall at Holly Hill Designs is the rug I choose to work on while I'm there. I felt that it had several lessons for me to learn in that particular pattern, plus I just love the design.


These are the colors I picked and dyed for the rug. I have several different blacks for the background. I'm a little concerned about the basket but I can always pick out colors later on and dye them. I just hope I have enough. I'm not sure how much hooking I will get done while we are there. I'm guessing a lot.
One of the events I can't wait to see is the Rug Show. Being in such a remote area for hookers, I've never been exposed to too many hooked rugs. It will be so nice to see several at once. 
Being able to make more hooking friends will be great too. Patty and I are pretty limited. Patty has been teaching hooking in Shell, WY. She's a great teacher and we really enjoy each others company so this trip is going to be a BLAST!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Woolley Wednesday

For Woolley Wednesday I want to show the new packs of my hand dyed wool at Woolin Rouge.
Each of the packs has 5 hand dyed pieces of wool each measuring 5"square. That's why I called them Nickel Packs. I know it's not a very original title but I want everyone to know what they are.  I really had a lot of fun putting them together.
I believe my favorite might be Autumn Splendor or Pumpkin Patch.

I made an Orange pack that is great to add to either one of these for all those pumpkins and don't forget the Greens. It's good to collect a lot of green.
I hope you go visit my Limited Edition Wool Packs. We can never have enough wool! My next step will be to make some larger packs for all of us rug hookers out there!
What colors do you want to see in a pack and what are your favorite sizes?

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Wool Dyeing

So....Mark Lipinski was sick on the 3rd so he is rescheduling our interview on his radio show, Creative Mojo. I must admit that I was very nervous. He has 44,000 listeners and he is very interested in the wool dyeing process, so I can't even hand that over to Traci, my business partner. My saving grace is that I believe the interview is only 15 minutes and I can easily talk about dyeing wool for a lot longer than that. As long as I don't get too nervous and forget how to talk. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that's not possible.

 I did get a lot of work done yesterday though. I dyed wool all afternoon for a quilt shop order. Speaking of quilt shop orders...here is a picture of the wool I sent off to Scrap Apple Quilts in St George Utah.
It's so fun for me to see what other people pick out for colors. I work very hard at getting the colors right so when they turn out it is such a relief to me. I find dyeing wool so relaxing most of the time and I find that if I am stressed, it shows in my dyeing, just like stress shows in any art or work.
Be sure you check out the wool at Scrap Apple Quilts if you are near by or go to our website at Woolin Rouge Designs. And don't forget to sign up for the newsletter. We have some exciting things on the burner, and I'm not just talking about wool!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo Show

I am so very excited, and nervous. Traci and I will be on Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo Show on the 3rd of July (tomorrow) at 1:00 Mountain time, 3:00 Eastern Time. http://toginet.com/shows/creativemojo It is a two hour show and I think Traci and I will be the last guests.

I believe we will be talking about wool, our new business, and who knows what else. I am so honored to be of Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Better Late Than Never

With all the visits to Doctors offices, Oncologist visits, hospitals, and emergency rooms last year, I had plenty of time to sit and do handwork. A lot of time to sit, and sit, and sit. I had decided to embroider our daughters all dish towels for Christmas. With 4 girls who all love coffee it was a fun and easy choice to make for the designs. I then chose colors to suit each daughter and one daughter-in-law-to-be.

After 12 dish towels I was tired of embroidery so I decided to teach myself to knit. I watched a YouTube video on making a dishcloth, had my daughter Jenny bring over the right size knitting needles, and she had some of the correct yarn, and I was on my way! There are so many wonderful cotton yarns out there so it was easy to find fun colors for each daughter. After 20 dish cloths I decided I'd made enough dish cloths and moved on to yoyos. But more on those later.

I then decided that aprons for each girl would be fun and perhaps some more towels, both done on the embroidery machine.

Well, with all the stress of the year of Cancer ( hubby is doing great, by the way!) and preparations for Christmas I realized I never got one single picture of all my work. Not one! Shortly after the discovery, I asked my daughter Shelly if she would get pictures for me. She finally got time to take the pictures...better late than never.
Here are Shelly's five dishcloths. She likes green and I love yellow.
These are the hand embroidered dish towels and the folded up apron that I did on the machine. The colors are brighter than they appear. Again. I had a blast picking colors for each girl. Jesse's apron had a red and black cup for her latte mug and matching colors for the rest of the gifts.

These are two of the recipe towels I did on the embroidery machine after I finished all the aprons.  I chose different recipes for each daughter too.
I truly had a blast making these for my girls. and they all had fun opening them. I wonder what I should get started on for this year!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dyeing Wool for Woolin Rouge

When no one hears from me for a long time it is because of one of three reasons. I am either totally preoccupied with family, things such as illness or crazy lives, or my Fibromyalgia is really bad, or I'm really into something I love. As usual, it's been a little of all three, but the things I have been doing that I love involve wool.
Creating colors of wool for Woolin Rouge has been one of those things occupying so much of my time and I LOVE it.
I'm trying to come up with my own palette of wool that is specifically Woolin Rouge. Thankfully I have always understood color, hues, tints, and value so that helps.
When I have spent the day dyeing wool I feel like I've had a day at the spa.
One of the other things I've been doing to relax is hooking another rug. Joan Strausbaugh's Big Black Dog. I talked about it in my June 22, 2012 post.  I took a little artistic license and changed it just a tiny bit to look like my son's dog Buck. So far I have had a blast working on it. Thankfully it seems to be going much faster than the last two.

Back to the Studio to create some more wonderful wool!
P.S. It's really just my unfinished basement but I feel more special when I call it a Studio.