Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Successful First Hook-In

The very first Hook-In for Patty and I was a great success. Craig and Barbara Pearson brought several rugs to show and Patty brought her finished rug that she started at Prairie Rose Rug School.
Craig Pearson started hooking a little over a year before his wife Barbara started. They are both the nicest couple. They hook with different size strips, both small cuts, and when they take classes they both take different teachers. Both are what I consider excellent, proficient, hookers. My stitches have improved simply by watching their work.
Barb Pearson Hooked and Proddy pillow is beyond adorable!

Patty Tyrrell's rug that she started at Prairie Rose Rug School. It just glows! and the church even has a sparkly stained glass window.

Craig Pearson was working on this amazing Mola rug.

Stunning rug by Barb Pearson. 

 Unbelievably beautiful rug by Craig Pearson.

Funky Chickens by Craig Pearson.

Barb Pearson's rug in progress.

Barb Pearson working on her rug.

Carol Messerli, Patty Tyrrell, Kathy Ewing.

Mola rug that Craig Pearson is working on.

Craig Pearson had so many wonderful stories to tell.
It was a great time for all of us and we plan to meet every month. I hope we can interest even more hookers!

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Gayle said...

Sylvia - So glad to hear that things went well for you - the first of many great shows, I'm sure!