Friday, June 29, 2007

Three From Bigfork Bay Cotton Company

I know this is a horrible picture but I had to hurry up and get it in the mail. This quilt is going to Ricky Tims for Justins office. I was extremely thrilled to find that out. This one is called Dancing Chickens. I can't wait to do the others too.

This quilt is called Star Gazing. This is the picture of their quilt not mine. I can't find mine in my files. They are by Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. The have the kits available if you call 1-866-245-5178. These quilts are sewn with Aurifil thread, fused with Wonder Under, and all fabric is by Batik Treasures. Bigfork Bay Cotton Company are distributors for Aurifil thread and at their website you can get all the colors in all the sizes.

This one is called Thinking of You. I had to put the stars in and with a machine that was acting up that wasn't an easy task. I cut off the heart in the sky above his head accidently when I was taking the picture. It is a heart of stars. Sweet........

Monday, June 11, 2007

Boondoggle a la Flamingo

Chris came up with the idea that she, Beth, and I should all do Boondoggle Quilts together. She then bought us all rulers and patterns and sent them out so that we could all do them at the same time. I got Jeanie involved here in Cody so now all four of us were going to Boondoggle. Well, between re-doing a bathroom, graduation, a new job, and just plain life in general, the Boondoggle virtual retreat didn't work out.

I finished my quilt a few months ago, so as incentive to the others I am posting it as a solo act. The reason for my excitement was because I was so eager to use the embroidery designs called Fantasy Flamingos by Cactus Punch.

I stippled the embroidered flamingo blocks. The dots on the black are hologram dots which really makes the art deco feeling of the quilt just shine. I did redesign the blocks a little so the diamond isn't like the pattern exactly.
Come on girls........The bathroom is done, graduation is over, Germany is a distant memory, the job, well, it's just always going to be there, and Jeanie, you have to finish before the baby get's here!