Thursday, March 29, 2007

Crystal and Vince!

Crystal came home to surprise her mother Pat for her Birthday. It was so good to see her! Crystal looked WONDERFUL! It was the first time she got to see and hold Vince.

I do believe Vince is sporting a "NEW" Atlanta Falcons shirt in this photo! Humm, do you think Crystal brought it from Georgia? He looks pretty darn good in it! He will outgrow it in a few short months so I guess she'll just have to come home again soon to bring him a bigger size!

Crystal has always had so much enthusiasm, warmth, and positive energy. In just a few short months she has been promoted to Manager of the Deli in the WalMart she works at. That is quite an accomplishment and I am so proud of her. I'm not surprised though, she is a very hard worker and has such a great personality. I do hate having to say goodbye to her when she leaves. It always makes me cry.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mackenzie turned 5 on the 15th. Here she is in her crown from the card Shelly and Pony gave her. Shelly won as the best gift giver. She always did know how to pick out the best toys. Everyone at the party wanted to play with the ones she brought Kenzie. Shelly is the person in the toy store who turns on every toy there, and I mean EVERY TOY. By the time she leaves the employees are happy to see her go I'm sure.
The night gown Kenzie is holding is the one I made her. I have had the fabric for about a year now so I thought I should get it made. She loves it even though it is a little long. I offered to shorten it for her but she quickly refused. I think she feels like a princess in it. She is a princess all the time anyway, who needs a gown.
We are watching both Kenzie and Vince tonight. Kenzie is spending the night. She is always so much help with Vince. She is so cute, she calls him Vince Michael. ALWAYS. I am really looking forward to having them both. They have so much fun and you can tell Vince Michael just loves Kenzie too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kenzies Capri Set

I finished Kenzie's capri set today, on her Birthday. Her party isn't until Sunday so I had a little time, but I was really worried about getting everything done on time. The taupe pair of capri has a double ruffle around the bottom. Kenzie had seen a pair on the Country Bumpkin website and wanted them. I had to figure out how to do the double ruffle for myself. Alan searched for over an hour in JoAnns in Billings for the perfect fabric. The lime green pair was the pair I made to make sure I had the pattern right. When I tried them on Kenzie inside out to adjust them to fit she wasn't quite sure what to think of it. Especially when I started pinning them while she was still wearing them. I was really surprised that two completely different colors of bottoms both matched the top perfectly. It's all in the pink and green. Now that I have more time I think I'll go get a knit top and embroider something on it to go with the lime bottoms.

You can't tell by the photo's but I embroidered the straps on the top. The smocking in the top was the first piece of smocking I ever did. I went out to Chris's house and we pleated the fabric. We poured over, I swear, 100 Sew Beautiful and Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazines and I picked out my smocking design. After going through all those magazines I ended up picking my design out of her smocking plates! Originally the smocking was going to go into a dress but since that hadn't happened yet, I put in in a top instead. I enjoy smocking so much and I will always remember that day at Chris's.

I sure do miss you Chris!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More on Vince

Here is an updated photo of Vince. He is just so precious. I love watching him while Shelly is at work. Kenzie turns 5 years old on the 15th. It seems like yesterday that she was this size so I know that all too soon this time will fly by. I am so thankful for the time I had watching Kenzie as a baby while Jenny was at work and I am so blessed to be able to do it again with Vince. Being a Grandmother is the most wonderful gift from God.