Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mackenzie turned 5 on the 15th. Here she is in her crown from the card Shelly and Pony gave her. Shelly won as the best gift giver. She always did know how to pick out the best toys. Everyone at the party wanted to play with the ones she brought Kenzie. Shelly is the person in the toy store who turns on every toy there, and I mean EVERY TOY. By the time she leaves the employees are happy to see her go I'm sure.
The night gown Kenzie is holding is the one I made her. I have had the fabric for about a year now so I thought I should get it made. She loves it even though it is a little long. I offered to shorten it for her but she quickly refused. I think she feels like a princess in it. She is a princess all the time anyway, who needs a gown.
We are watching both Kenzie and Vince tonight. Kenzie is spending the night. She is always so much help with Vince. She is so cute, she calls him Vince Michael. ALWAYS. I am really looking forward to having them both. They have so much fun and you can tell Vince Michael just loves Kenzie too.


Jeanie Kieft said...

I am sooo glad you shared the most perfect party ever!!! Kenzie just looks radiant and so much like her Mom. To glance at her I really just want to call her Jenny. lol

You are going to have some fun with those two!!! Enjoy and I am looking forward to pictures.

Chris said...

What a princess! She is lucky to have such a talented Grandma!!