Thursday, March 29, 2007

Crystal and Vince!

Crystal came home to surprise her mother Pat for her Birthday. It was so good to see her! Crystal looked WONDERFUL! It was the first time she got to see and hold Vince.

I do believe Vince is sporting a "NEW" Atlanta Falcons shirt in this photo! Humm, do you think Crystal brought it from Georgia? He looks pretty darn good in it! He will outgrow it in a few short months so I guess she'll just have to come home again soon to bring him a bigger size!

Crystal has always had so much enthusiasm, warmth, and positive energy. In just a few short months she has been promoted to Manager of the Deli in the WalMart she works at. That is quite an accomplishment and I am so proud of her. I'm not surprised though, she is a very hard worker and has such a great personality. I do hate having to say goodbye to her when she leaves. It always makes me cry.


Chris said...

I agree that Crystal looks great! Vince really looks happy to be with her even though he was forced to wear an Atlanta shirt!

Jeanie Kieft said...

Crystal looks so good!!! I am glad she is doing well. She and Vince look so happy together like they are planning something.