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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Halloween Black Cat

I have been having so much fun making Halloween decorations.
This little cutie is a design I got from Heavens to Betsy. She hooked up quickly with a size 9 1/2. I tried quillies for the eyes and shirring for the ruffle on the hat. I used the bead stitch for the hat band. The whiskers are embroidery floss that I soaked after attaching with liquid starch. 

I save all my snippits and use them to stuff all my hooking projects. It is amazing how quickly those little things add up. I'm making a large stuffed witch and I think I'll have enough snippits to stuff her with too. All my pillows, chair pads, everything hooked, gets wool stuffing. I'm so cheap.

After my witch is finished I think I'll move on to Christmas. Maybe I need to do a pumpkin first. Oh dear. The addiction just keeps on going. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Halloween is in the Air

It may be July but I'm on a Halloween kick. It all started with a witch which I haven't started hooking yet because I need to dye the wool, but I ordered I've Got You My Pretty from The Old Tattered Flag and hooked it in a week. I used an 8 1/2 cut so it hooked up quickly.
I am not quite finished binding in this picture but I wanted to show you my clips. I saw them on facebook and immediately ordered them to try. Talk about cutting out steps! Instead of basting the rolled edge by hand, I just rolled it, clipped it, and started binding. Of course I did zigzag the outside edge first. The clips are called Wonder Clips by WowCrafts and there are 50 of them in the little jar. I bought mine from Amazon but they also have them at Searsport Rug Hooking

Another pattern I bought was from Betsy Reed at Heavens to Betsy that is a black cat with a hat pillow. It is almost done so I'll be showing it soon!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

June Project

I took an online class, Wonky House Ikea Stool, from Cindi Gay. The stool is from Ikea and it is chair height which makes it perfect for extra seating as well as putting your feet up. I changed my house. Hers was a white house and I didn't want that much white on the top of my stool.

 Yes, it would have been easier to get one picture of the pattern laying flat but I forgot so you get all four sides. She taught the perfect way to sew the side seams together.
 The designs wrap around the corners so her technique for sewing works perfectly for this design.
 I like the fact the the cover just slips over the Ikea stool and I can easily take it off if I ever need to clean it.
The class was very inexpensive. I'm taking her color planning course too. I have already learned so much from it. Cindi does Live Webinars every week that are incredibly educational and you can watch the edited versions HERE. I use her technique for binding since the beginning of my rug hooking. What a wonderful giving person to so freely give out all the wisdom she has amassed in her years of rug hooking. Thank you Cindi Gay.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Some Finished Rug Hooking Projects

I have had so much going on in my life. My husband has had a series of strokes, pneumonia, and heart failure. He is doing so much better. He can now walk with a walker which is a HUGE blessing.

I had ordered this footstool kit from Searsport Rug Hooking and I was so glad I did. At the time I couldn't get away long enough to go to my studio to color plan so having the kit worked out so well. The wool was beautiful and I enjoyed hooking this cover so much. At night I would cut wool enough for the next day and since this project was smaller I could use a hoop so I was able to take it to the hospital to work on everyday.  I was glad I ordered the stool too. I got the kit, but you can order a completed stool. You can remove the cover to change with the seasons, or what I like is that it can be easily cleaned if necessary. 

 30 Mile Stage Stop is a design by Two Old Crows that had the word Temperance at the bottom. I changed the name to honor my Great Grandfather Buckey who ran the stage stop between Roundup and Billings Montana.

I ordered the bunny and bunny pillow from Ali Strebel, The little eggs I drew myself. At the time I hooked these I was driving back and forth from the hospital 2 hrs each way. Motel cost was killing me. I had just a little bit of time at night but these designs let me complete a project that was small and attainable at the time. 

The rest of the time I was at the hospital I knit a scarf. A really long 6 1/4 foot scarf. I can't just sit so when my husband was being taken to Billings in the ambulance I grabbed clothes, yarn, and needles. I know the drill all too well.


Monday, January 02, 2017

Last Rug of 2016

I had seen the rug Antique Floral by Maggie Bonanomi on Pinterest and had always thought it was such a great design. Then I saw it hooked by my friend Debra and knew I had to hook it.  After much searching and buying her books, which didn't have the rug in them, I finally ordered it from Maggie.

Even though I REALLY wanted to hook the rug in the same colors I had seen before, I chose to do red flowers and switch it up a little. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. The teal blue leaves are what made it come to life to me. The red isn't quite right in the picture but I'm not known for my photographic ability.

The chicken chair pad is a design by Lynne Gill. I changed the wing shape but I just love this design. I decided to do a proddy fringe to add pizazz.

This blurry picture is the pattern called Temperance by Two Old Crows. It is a copy of an old Tavern Sign. I decided to change the word Temperance to 30 Mile Stage Stop. My Great Grandpa ran a stage stop, post office, and saloon 30 miles between Billings, MT and Roundup, MT. I thought this would make a nice tribute to my family heritage.

2016 was a great year for rug hooking and friends. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Padula Pomegranate

I finished the Padula Pomegranate rug I started at Prairie Rose Rug School with Ingrid Hieronimus as my teacher.
Each flower is a little different but using the same wool colors. The background is a silver sparkle Dorr wool going one direction with a spot dye and the other is a gold sparkle with the solid of the spot dye colors.
I got the idea for this background by looking at the ceiling in the ladies room. Ingrid had just mentioned that ideas are everywhere and I looked up and saw mine.
Ingrid had so many wonderful ideas with this rug and I learned so much.

Monday, September 26, 2016

My Lincoln Bag and Padula Pomegranates

First of all I'll show you my Lincoln Bag. I have had such a hard time with this bag that I almost had to start over on the leather work. When I FINALLY got it back from the leather place I sent it to, and it took months, I wanted to cry. It was put together with yellow leather. The yellow completely washed out the whole bag and it was awful! After a few days of depression I got some leather dye and started to dye the leather a brown. It took the whole bottle. Then I just put some Neatsfoot oil on it. Well, that wasn't enough of a seal.

At Prairie Rose I had my water in the bag when I was going to class and it leaked. There was dye going everywhere! It was on my hands, my clothes, the floor, my chair...everywhere! I was so disappointed I wanted to throw the whole thing away. When we left Prairie Rose it was raining and even that got more dye on me.

My dear friend Patty Tyrrell got a hold of her neighbor who does beautiful leather work and Patty took my bag home with her for her neighbor to look at. I wanted to have the leather removed and new leather sewn on the bag but the neighbor was a little too nervous to do that. She and Patty did dye a piece of leather and put a sealer over it. They tested three sealers and when they were dry Patty did the water test. One won out.

I bought new dye and the sealer and went to work again. For now I'm pretty happy. Last time I checked I could wipe a little dye off with a wet cloth but nothing like it was. I'm leaving it alone for a while and waiting to see if it cures better with time. If not I'll try adding more sealer.

Yes, I did tell them the color of leather I wanted, and no they didn't do it. Yes I paid $125 for the work and no I didn't say anything to them about it. It took so long to get it back and they were so awful about communication I was afraid to send it back. The bag was sewn beautifully. It has a great canvas lining and pockets and I had a zipper put in the top. If I ever do have it redone I will do it locally where I can pick my own leather out.

I've been working on the background of my Padula Pomegranates. One square has gold sparkle with a spot dye and the other one is silver sparkle with the compliment solid. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with this when it's done. I WAS going to put it on my bedroom floor but now that I have a white background I don't think that's a good idea.