Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Halloween Black Cat

I have been having so much fun making Halloween decorations.
This little cutie is a design I got from Heavens to Betsy. She hooked up quickly with a size 9 1/2. I tried quillies for the eyes and shirring for the ruffle on the hat. I used the bead stitch for the hat band. The whiskers are embroidery floss that I soaked after attaching with liquid starch. 

I save all my snippits and use them to stuff all my hooking projects. It is amazing how quickly those little things add up. I'm making a large stuffed witch and I think I'll have enough snippits to stuff her with too. All my pillows, chair pads, everything hooked, gets wool stuffing. I'm so cheap.

After my witch is finished I think I'll move on to Christmas. Maybe I need to do a pumpkin first. Oh dear. The addiction just keeps on going. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Halloween is in the Air

It may be July but I'm on a Halloween kick. It all started with a witch which I haven't started hooking yet because I need to dye the wool, but I ordered I've Got You My Pretty from The Old Tattered Flag and hooked it in a week. I used an 8 1/2 cut so it hooked up quickly.
I am not quite finished binding in this picture but I wanted to show you my clips. I saw them on facebook and immediately ordered them to try. Talk about cutting out steps! Instead of basting the rolled edge by hand, I just rolled it, clipped it, and started binding. Of course I did zigzag the outside edge first. The clips are called Wonder Clips by WowCrafts and there are 50 of them in the little jar. I bought mine from Amazon but they also have them at Searsport Rug Hooking

Another pattern I bought was from Betsy Reed at Heavens to Betsy that is a black cat with a hat pillow. It is almost done so I'll be showing it soon!