Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Adventure, Weaving

At our monthly hook-in of the Wild West Rug Hookers, two hookers Craig and Barb were telling us that they were learning to weave. They are taking a class once a week in Laurel, MT. Well, since weaving is something I've always been interested in, my ears really perked up! Especially when I found out it was only $10 a class. So I instantly started researching looms, what the difference was in different looms and found out they are expensive. I knew I wanted a 4 harness, 6 treadle loom with a 40" weaving width. I couldn't get one too big because I wouldn't have a place to put it, and I didn't want one too small because I wouldn't be able to weave rugs or shawls. With a lot of computer time looking for the perfect loom, I found it.
This isn't the one I got, but it is exactly like it and comes with the warping board, bench with storage, and all the accessories. It was a great price. The only problem is that it is Ft Collins, Colorado, which isn't really a problem because my daughter and her husband are picking it up for me in two weeks when they go visit family in Torrington, only a couple hours away from Ft Collins. So by this time next week I will be setting a loom up in my studio, commonly known as the basement.

I took my first class Thursday. I was so nervous about the class. With weaving, like any other craft, there is a whole new language to learn. I downloaded weaving terms and diagrams so I had an idea of what I was about to learn. I'm so glad I did. There is so much to learn, especially how to dress the loom. Basically, my first lesson consisted of measuring out the yarn, slaying the reed, and figuring out which heddle to thread the yarn through. I didn't finish dressing the loom before it was time to go so my teacher Jo Anne is going to finish it so I can start weaving next Thursday.

The building that our teacher Jo Anne had built for teaching is shaped like a barn with full windows on the front and back of the building. There are two floors completely filled with looms. Some are for sale and some are owned by women who come there to weave.

For my first project I will be making a sampler with 62 different weaves using the same threading. Barb is doing the same one. She is further along of course. A hand tag will hang on the side of each design showing how it was made so I will have a reference that I can quickly look at if I want to make something like say a tea towel or scarf.

I have a feeling I will be collecting all sorts of fabulous yarns now. Just what I need. More stuff.