Thursday, November 27, 2008


This morning I woke up early to start preparations for our family dinner later on today. I try to be grateful every day for the many blessings in my life but this day always makes me look at the big picture.
Today I am grateful that when I woke up there were no bombs going off in the distance. I didn't have to wonder if I was safe. I just assume that I am. My biggest fear outside my home has never been of war but only of the weather. I have a huge fear of a tornado. I'm sure it's the after effects of watching The Wizard of OZ my entire childhood.
I am grateful that my children have never had sickness or injury. I don't mean the flu or skinned knees. We have never dealt with something as horrible as cancer or automobile accidents that were serious.
I am grateful for my children. They have grown up into loving, caring, intelligent, productive adults and I am proud they are mine.
I am grateful for my grandchildren. My daughters have given me two of the most amazing gifts I could have ever wanted. Jenny even died and was brought back to life trying to have another one. I thank God she won that battle. Now, even though she can never have another child, she and Mike are fostering children. That is a blessing for so many too.
I am grateful that when I woke up it was in a house that I love. I am not homeless and I have never been homeless. My heart goes out to those that are. I can't even begin to image how that must feel.
I am grateful not only for my children and grandchildren, but for my husband, who even though he drives me nuts sometimes, okay, a lot, I love him and I thank God for his love and companionship, and support.
I am grateful for my dogs. They bark and drive everyone who walks in the door crazy but when I am alone I know they will bark and protect me from harm. Any time I turn my head I can always find one dog beside me. Nikki is 14 years old now and she has been a great companion and bird dog. They just make me happy.
I am grateful for my job. I work with the most amazing people. They are not only talented beyond belief, but they are all caring and giving.
I am grateful for my friends. I am finally at a point in my life where I am surrounded by genuine, loving, caring people.
I am grateful that I wake up in the mornings to my family, in my house, and email my friends, with my dogs by my side, and I know that in my own little world all is good. There is tragedy in other parts of the world, and there might be some pain in mine, but I thank God for all He has given me.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vince's 2nd Birthday

Vince turns 2 years old on the 20th but Shelly and Pony had his party today. There were 18 people who attended, including his great grandparents on Pony's side. I love the fact that our families can join together as one. He is very lucky to be loved by so many.
The theme of the party was Cars the movie. Vince LOVES the movie and I made him a Cars quilt for his Cars bed with Cars sheets and the works. He does like other things too but Lightening McQueen is at the top of the list. Mater is my favorite.. the tow truck Tow Mater. He just cracks me up!
It seems like yesterday that I watched Vince come into this World. At times it's hard to believe it's been two years and yet at other times it seems like it was so long ago. I feel so blessed that I have a job which allows me to work at home so that I can spend two days a week with Vince. They are very special days for me. I know how quickly they will go and if I blink I will be sitting at his graduation. It is nice to slow down as we age in order to appreciate the little things more. I am very grateful for this day and I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend it with such a wonderful family. Thank You God.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Rock Star, Free Pattern by Bigfork Bay Cotton Co.

We ALL love free patterns and this is a great design called Rock Star by Lynn Stalowy, owner of Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. You can download the directions right off the website at The quilt uses fabulous batiks by Batik Textiles.

You can order the kits for this quilt right off the website, it's on page 10, or you can call Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. 866·245·5718 and talk with one of the ladies. You can't believe how reasonable the price of the kit is! I'm getting one for me!

Be sure you look at all the great kits available while you are there. They have other designs besides their own but I know when you see the fabulous patterns by the various artists who design for Bigfork Bay you will be amazed!

Don't forget the Aurifil Thread and the giant size pressing sheet by Bear Threads Designs while you are there!