Thursday, July 04, 2013

Wool Dyeing

So....Mark Lipinski was sick on the 3rd so he is rescheduling our interview on his radio show, Creative Mojo. I must admit that I was very nervous. He has 44,000 listeners and he is very interested in the wool dyeing process, so I can't even hand that over to Traci, my business partner. My saving grace is that I believe the interview is only 15 minutes and I can easily talk about dyeing wool for a lot longer than that. As long as I don't get too nervous and forget how to talk. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that's not possible.

 I did get a lot of work done yesterday though. I dyed wool all afternoon for a quilt shop order. Speaking of quilt shop is a picture of the wool I sent off to Scrap Apple Quilts in St George Utah.
It's so fun for me to see what other people pick out for colors. I work very hard at getting the colors right so when they turn out it is such a relief to me. I find dyeing wool so relaxing most of the time and I find that if I am stressed, it shows in my dyeing, just like stress shows in any art or work.
Be sure you check out the wool at Scrap Apple Quilts if you are near by or go to our website at Woolin Rouge Designs. And don't forget to sign up for the newsletter. We have some exciting things on the burner, and I'm not just talking about wool!

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