Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kenzie & Vince Watching Happy Feet

Mike brought Kenzie over to Cody when he went to work on Good Friday so we could all dye eggs for Easter. Along with Kenzie was the magic back pack that seems to have everything you'd ever want in it. When Shelly and I mentioned the movie Happy Feet, Kenzie reached into her magic back pack and out came her hand with the movie in it as she announced, "Here it is!" Kind of made me think I should have asked for something like money... but since the magic was used for the movie, I would be happy with that.

Vince really seemed to like the movie even though his attention span wasn't really good. Kenzies wasn't either but Grandpa and I really liked it. Shelly had rented the movie a couple days before so I had seen it already but Alan had only seen part of it. We really liked watching it the second time especially because we knew the outcome of the scarry parts.

Oh, and a special Vince update: He can now roll over from front to back AND back to front. He's getting to be such a big boy!

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Chris said...

Vince is getting really big. Pretty soon he will be crawling all over the place and life will just not be the same!!!