Monday, May 28, 2007

Vince and Shelly

Okay! I can't stand not having an updated photo of Vince. He changes so fast. He is such a loveable baby.

Shelly looks great too, doesn't she? She is such a good mom. I really get a kick out of her telling me how to do things, like I've never had a child before. She always was the bossy one. (Sorry Shelly, but you know it's true.) Jenny was the opposite. She just assumed I knew everything.
Oh, I have to tell you a story. Kenzie's Aunt Lisa, Mike's sister, is here from Ohio. Lisa, Mike, Jenny, and Kenzie, came over for a fish fry one night and of course Lisa HAD to hold Vince for the first time. Well.......Kenzie started throwing a fit. Not just a little poutty fit, it was a running down the hall into the bedroom, slamming the door, stomping feet with arms crossed fit. I thought she was jealous because Lisa was holding Vince instead of paying attention to her. I couldn't have been more wrong! Kenzie was extremely upset because SHE wanted Vince! That girl loves her cousin so much! Lisa kept telling me I was wrong and sure enough, as soon as Kenzie got Vince she was happy again.

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Jeanie Kieft said...

These are adorable!!! you are so right. Vince grows so fast. No more baby he is into his little boy look. Shelly looks good also.
MOtherhood just agress with her!!!