Friday, June 15, 2018

Projects to Show

One good thing about being so slow to post is that I get to post several things at once. It makes a better show, or at least that's my story.

This is a design I love so much. It is a Barbra Brown design from years ago. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's one of my favorites.

 You can't see her swirly tail but it's there. She was so much fun to make. I used a 9.5 cut on this adorable pillow design from Heavens to Betsy.
 Faye Shilling drew a stool pattern from a Maggie Bonanomi design. I call it my Love Shack. I think Maggie calls it Settlers Pride. It's finished I just don't have a picture of it. I have it on an Ikea stool.The original base pattern is from Cindy Gay.
 Debra and I decided to make up beginner kits for the Wild West Rug Hookers to have so that new beginners can get the tools they need to get started right away. I drew this 10x10 design. The kit has all the pre-cut wool, pattern which has already been sewn around the cutting line, rug tape, and instructions.
 This is my other kit. I'm really happy with how these kits turned out.
 This Ikea stool cover was designed by Faye Schilling. I was so much in love with Faye's that coppied hers as best I could.
There are birds on opposite sides. I think they are my favorite part.

I hope you enjoyed my little show. Please stop by Wild West Rug Hookers  to see what my awesome friends are working on and find out about the Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway!
We also have a Facebook page I hope you join or at least stop by Wild West Rug Hookers Facebook.

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