Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alaska Quilt Shops

On our fabulous trip to Alaska I was able to stop at two quilt shops. The first one was in Soldotna called Robin Place Fabrics. http://www.robinplacefabrics.com/ As soon as we pulled up I noticed quilts by Judy Niemeyer in the front window. She was teaching there for three days! The shop itself is the home of the original quilts of Letitia Hutchings of Mount Redoubt Designs.http://www.mrdquilt.com/

I was excited to see Bigfork Bay Cotton Co patterns right when I walked in the door! http://www.bigforkbaycottonco.com/ My husband said, "Look honey, your quilts!" The owner asked if I was Toni Whitney. I explained that I made the trunk shows for BBCC and she said that she was so excited when she first saw the moose, Summer Serenity. She said it was so nice that someone finally knew what a moose looked like.

The shop was well worth the stop and I, of course, had to buy a pattern from Mount Redoubt Designs and some fabric. I have most of the patterns from Mount Redoubt but I made sure I didn't buy the Iris so I could get it while I was there. It was very special for me to go to this shop.

The second shop, which is the one in the photo, was just down the road from my brothers house in Kenai called Quilt Kits Alaska. http://www.quiltkitsalaska.com/ This shop is a little out of the way but from the moment we pulled into the yard it was pure pleasure. Imagine a gorgeous lake with the most beautiful mountains in back of it. You are surrounded by lush greenery and trees. To your right is the most adorable log cabin sitting back on a beautiful lawn with a wooden walkway leading to the porch and the friendliest dog you have ever seen coming up to greet you. That is Quilt Kits Alaska. There were a lot of flowers but since I hadn't taken my camera I just took this picture right off of her website.

The inside is just as adorable as the outside. Of course, the first thing I notice is Autumn Eyes from Bigfork Bay on the wall. The owner is as nice as can be and I can honestly say that it is the first time in my life that I was so overwhelmed with wonderful kits and fabric that I didn't know what to buy. Don't worry though, I figured it out. Now I need to order more!

Both these shops were such a pleasure. Be sure to stop by if you get a chance.

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sandi a. said...

A friend brought me some fabric from her trip to Alaska a couple of years ago. Your post makes me think I should get it out and make it into something. Love the little cabin quilt shop!