Monday, August 11, 2008

Lazy Daze and Autumn Lullaby by Bigfork Bay Cotton Co

I just finished making three each of these Lazy Daze and Autumn Lullaby quilts by Ty Livingston for the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co trunk shows. Lazy Daze is my favorite from the series. It just has so much meaning for me and I can't wait to make one for myself. They are all the most adorable designs. My Daughter loves Butterfly Kisses, which you will see soon. Everyone seems to have their own favorite! They are so easy to relate to. My husbands favorite is the Autumn Lullaby.

I hired my daughter Shelly to help me with the cutting and ironing down phases of the quilts. She is so good at it and I really appreciate the help. She is the only person I know who is as much of a perfectionist as I am so we make a great team. She made it easy to come home from vacation and not feel too far behind.

The other quilts in this series from Ty are just so adorable. This series is designed for a beginner so the pieces are all just fused on a black background and one border is added. You could easily translate these to fit your own color taste and use your stash since there aren't a lot of colors. The patterns are available at as well as the kits.

I'll be done with the others in the series soon so if you have a favorite shop you would like to see have the trunk show have them contact Traci Suzanne Marvel at These quilts are just adorable and you really need to see them in real life.

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Shannon said...

So Pretty! They look like paintings.