Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back From Alaska

I don't even know where to begin talking about our trip to Alaska. It was the most amazing trip we have ever taken. My brother Rich picked us up at the airport in Anchorage and took us to a true Alaskan breakfast. The trip from there to his house in Kenai had us in awe the whole way. Once we got to the house it was so great to see my sister in law Sarah and my nephew Colter. I swore if I never did anything the whole time I was in Alaska but visit my family it would have been the best trip but being the perfect host and hostess, Rich and Sarah took us on the tours of our life.

We saw Glaciers, the Fjords, Homer, Seward, Soldotna........We went everywhere! I saw sea life I had never seen before and wildlife I had never seen before and scenery I never knew existed. I took over 300 pictures and they are all just amazing.

Being with my nephew Colter and niece Amanda was a blast but being with Amanda's daughter Jordyn was really special. Reid, Amanda's honey, was working on an off shore rig most of the time so I only got to meet him briefly but I sure did like him.

Sarah and Rich treated us like royalty the whole time we were there. Sarah is an amazing cook so we ate the best meals. She even baked Alan pies and for his birthday dinner he got halibut cooked three different ways and shrimp cooked two different ways. He got blueberry pie too. It was all to die for! The average temperature during the day when we were there was about 55 degrees so baking wasn't an issue like it is now that we are home.

Alan got to go fishing on the Kenai River for Salmon and the Ocean for Halibut with Rich. Fortunately, I didn't have to go! They had a blast. Of course Alan always has fun if he has a fishing pole in his hand but these trips were dreams come true for him.

I could talk about our trip for days....actually, I'll be talking about it for years. I thank God for the opportunity to visit my brother and his family. I just hope I go back soon.

I did get to go to quilt shops of course so I will talk more about THOSE later!


Jeanie Kieft said...

What beautiful pictures!!! It is really beautiful it looks like there and I can't wait to se and hear more about your trip of a lifetime!!!

Shiela said...

I was on the same trip at the same time! The shops are my favorites. I was there last year too. I got the Summer Serenity Moose kit, plus more.