Monday, August 13, 2007

More Quilts From Bigfork Bay Cotton Co

These are all of the quilts I finished this last week. I know... my camera doesn't do well with taking pics of quilts but you get the idea. I did two of the cow one that's called Chicken Date. These quilts are all by Bigfork Bay Cotton on the right. I use Aurifil thread to quilt and Quilters Dream Cotton Batting. Applique is done using Wonder Under by Pellon. I not only love making these quilts but I love working with such a great group of women. Someday I hope to meet them in person. God gave me a great gift when He got me this job.

I get two more this week. It's like Christmas when I get new patterns and kits. These quilts are all done with the kits from Bigfork Bay and I would recommend anyone making these to use their kits. The fabric is fabulous!


Jeanie Kieft said...

Ohhhh and Ahhhh is all I can say about these beautiful pieces!!!
I am going tohave to try my hand at
some of these!!!
thanks for sharing you are such an inspiration!!!

Debi Hubbs said...

Traci from Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. gave me this link and you can't imagine how excited I am to meet the quilter who recreated my paintings! You are so good! Wow! I can't believe how fast you are too. I wish I could sew. I just envy you quilters so much.

I will have to check in more often. I love blogs and yours is great!
Happy sewing!
Debi Hubbs

Jenny said...

These are beautiful.