Monday, September 03, 2007

Blue Paint

This is another quilt from Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. I love it. It's called Blue Paint. It's a pretty big quilt. The Artist who designed it is Brenda Yirsa. Debi Hubbs designed the quilts of the chickens, crows, and frogs, and Toni Whitney designed the horses in the previous blogs. Debi was kind enough to give me a comment on my last blog entry. I was so shocked and impressed. Thank you Debi. I love her website. You should check it out. It's so much fun. Be sure to go to About Debi. What a great personality.


Jeanie Kieft said...

Ohhhh that turned out so neat!!!
I went and visited the artists site and I hope that some more of her stuff into patterns. How fun!!!

Chris said...

I love this quilt. Proves that everything looks better in blue as I have always said :)

Outstanding work as always!!

Traci Suzanne marvel said...

Sylvia, you are the most talented free motion quilter I know!