Monday, July 30, 2007

Winner of the Kiddy Parade

Kenzie's other Grandma, Charlie, decided to enter Kenzie in the Powell Kiddy Parade. She drove her truck with a big wagon hitched to it with all her stuffed horses inside the wagon, well, except her favorite which was in the back of the truck. Poor Grandma Charlie had to walk the whole way too with hardly any sleep and her bad knees. When Kenzie won first place Grandma Charlie said it was all worth it.

We had never seen the Powell Parade before so we stayed to see it after the Kiddy Parade. They have it every year during the fair. We were absolutely shocked at the amount of candy that was thrown to the children. When we were sitting by the curb waiting for the parade to start I noticed some children just down from us pulling out the plastic bags. I thought they were being either very optimistic or they were the kind of children who would bowl you over trying to get that one piece of candy in the street. They were neither. They just had parents who had been to the parade before. By the time the small parade was over, Kenzie's hat she is wearing was overflowing and she had given away at least that much to the smaller children around us who couldn't get it as fast. I do believe that a child can do better in 1/2 hour of the Powell Parade than 2 hours of trick or treating at Halloween.

We had a fun time. Thank you Grandma Charlie for entering Kenzie in the parade.

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Jeanie Kieft said...

Oh what fun!!! I would have given her first place also!!!