Saturday, July 14, 2007

In Full Bloom for Jenny

I am going to get a different photo of this quilt. I don't know what my problem is lately with pictures. I'm going to blame the camera. It couldn't possibly be the lighting or me.
Anyway, a long time ago, at least a year, Jenny and Mike remodeled their living room. Since Jenny is short on decorating abilities, or so we think, her control freak sister Shelly and her control freak Mother took over and hung pictures. Knowing I was going to make this quilt, we left a big space on the wall for it to hang. I truly expected to get it done sooner but I did get the top finished in time for her birthday, thinking of course that I would have it quilted within a week. Just short of a month later I finally finished!
One of the reasons it took so long to make is because I made two at the same time. Being in a hurry to finish Jenny's in time for her birthday I stopped working on both at the same time and focused on hers. I have one block left to finish on my quilt before I put it together and quilt it. I have been using the Aurifil thread on my applique quilts but with all the colors in this quilt I went back to the mono filament thread. I sure like the way the Aurifil looks and quilts better. The mono filament looked like it was too bright and glowing. Maybe someday I'll have every color they make just so I can use it for a quilt like this!


Jeanie Kieft said...

Ohhhh and Ahhhh This is just stunning!! I still can't believe you did two of them at the same time even though I saw them with my own eyes!!!
It's a good thing to know about the thread. Now I know which way to go.

Jenny said...

It is hung up and looks beautiful. Thank you so much for making it for me.