Tuesday, February 27, 2007


At Bighorn Quilts in Greybull the first Saturday of every month we get together for a program, pattern, and sew day if we want to stay. The objective for the next few months is to help get rid of our stashes, like that is going to happen since we shop afterwards. Even though most of the patterns will involve 2 1/2" strips, this month was fat quarters. I decided it was a good time to use a crayon fabric I've had for years. It became my border and focus fabric. The backing is little hand prints in primary colors that I'v had since Randy was really young, and now I'm using it for my grandson.

Kathi Charles, Jeanie Kieft and I sewed that Saturday at Kathi's house, after shopping of course. We actually sewed both Saturday and Sunday. Kathi is the most amazing hostess. We have our Knotty Girls Group there one Friday evening a month and she ALWAYS makes the most amazing dinners. That is one night I REALLY look so foward to.


Chris Ditzler said...

What a great quilt. Ijust love it! It is even more beautiful than I thought it would be...and I knew it was going to be great!!! I can't wait to do one! I think bright batiks will be good. Were yours batiks or regular cottons?

Sylvia said...

Mine was done in regular cottons but at Big Horn Quilts today there was one in batiks that was gorgeous!