Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More pics of Vince

Guess What?! More Pictures of Vince! I just had to add these. The Michael Jordan outfit is just too cute. Even though it is a little big, it is adorable. The second outfit is one that Chris got in Germany it is so soft and cuddly. I just love it! Well, he is soft and cuddly and the outfit just makes him more cuddly. Thanks Chris for the cuddles. There is another outfit but he doesn't fit it yet. The German fabric is so soft.
Ok Crystal. You asked for more pictures and now you got them. I think I should retitle my blog. It started out a sewing blog and it's turned into a grandchildren blog. I should call it My Favorite Things. Then it would cover sewing and grandchildren!


cruella said...

well, it erased my first comment, so I guess I wasn't supposed to tell you how fantastic the pictures have been. Shelly looks great too. Motherhood is agreeing with her....love you all.

cruella said...

Oh, and, My Favorite things is perfet, just let us know if/when you really do it, please.

Chris Ditzler said...

I love that serious look on his face in the first photo! I am so glad he likes the outfit :)

Crystal said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!! He is getting so big and even MORE adorable.. Oh and Shelly, I need more pictures of you and Vince... You look so GREAT.... Guess I will have to wait till march to get them..cuz I will take them..LOVE YA'll

Jeanie said...

I love the Pics!!! The one with Randy and Vince is just adorable.
Of course he is one of my boyfriends! lol
Sheey and Vince look so good. Shelly is the poster child of new mothers.