Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Stonehouse Runner Finished

Just before Christmas I finished my Stonehouse Runner by The Old Tattered Flag. I truly had no idea it was so big but after two of my friends finished theirs I realized I was in for a real treat. I used a size 8.5 so it really didn't take that long.

The top one shows the colors better but the bottom one shows the whole rug. I was working on the binding in these pictures. It's all finished now and rolled up and put away.

My husband uses a walker so I can't put the rug on the floor.

Patty and Faye finished theirs before I started mine.
 Faye's rug is on the left and Patty's rug is on the right. I just loved the colors but wanted something different for my rug.
Here is Patty's rug in it's spot. It is absolutely perfect! Patty and I were originally going to do our rugs together at Prairie Rose Rug School but I didn't get to go because of my husbands health. Patty hooked this in a size 7. I think Faye used and 8 or 8.5.


moosecraft said...

Beautiful! All 3 of them! Seeing the same design in different colorways is always fun!

Faye S said...

Really awesome Sylvia!!! Love them all!

Daisy Debs said...

Your work is stunningly beautiful ! Wow ! Happy New Year to you full of lots of wonderful inspiration :)