Friday, December 28, 2012

Angel of the Morning Rug Almost Finished!

I just love this adorable design by Beverly Conway! I finished hooking it last night. She still needs to be steamed and the edges whipped before I'm totally finished. It's sort of like a quilt. About the time you think you are finished, you still have binding to do.

I first saw this design on Pinterest and fell in love. I was obsessed with finding the designer of this quilt and after a long search for the pattern, with the help from very nice rug hookers, I finally found Beverly Conway's phone number.

Artistic license was taken just a tiny bit on the slippers. I only made some small changes to the bunny's face and eyes. Since it is my second rug, I had never hooked things like the face and hands. It was a little stressful but I think I did OK for the first one. I dyed the wool to match my skin and went a step darker and one pinker.

She is more of a self portrait than I could have created on my own. All the wool was hand dyed just for this project.

Thank you Pinterest for showing me this lovely lady, and thank you Beverly Conway for creating the design.


Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

I love your rug!!! What a treasure for you to keep. Love the heart coming from your teapot! Xoxo E

Chris said...

How cute!! Gotta love Pinterest :)

Faye said...

It's very cute and I love those bunny slippers! You did a great job! Thanks for the email...I am so thrilled that I will probably meet you next summer!

Robbie said...

I found you through a link on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest!

My family lives in Cody. They've been there since the 20s; there aren't many of us left any more.

It's a small world. Several of my long arm buddies have lived in Cody, too.

I live in Denver now and am a Nana and avid quilter. I visit Cody whenever possible.

Happy Quilting, Robbie Marie