Monday, November 29, 2010

The Addiction of Wool

Time moves so quickly. I always think in the summer months that once winter gets here things will slow down but it never does. If anything, there is more going on. I take my Grandson Vince to school once a week, then there are birthdays, and of course the Holidays! This year we have a special gift coming for Christmas. My daughter Shelly is having a baby girl in December so that will certainly add to the excitement.

Even though I feel like my life is so full and absolutely Blessed, and on top of having a design company with Traci, I have decided to take up Rug Hooking. Wool is so addictive. It is the most luxurious fabric to work with I have ever used. Rug hooking is something I have always wanted to do so it is just a natural progression that I move on to another dimension in wool.

I ordered this wonderful book from Pat Cross. It talks about everything I need to know and has the patterns to get me started.  I have now have the wool, fabric stripper, hook, book, and  ambition. All I need now is a frame and fabric and I'm ready to go.  Oh, and did I mention time.......


Chris said...

Dang. I have always wanted to learn how to hook wool!!! No fair :) Maybe I need to come for a lesson?

Sylvia said...

Chris, you absolutely need to come for a lesson. As soon as I know what I'm doing I will let you know.
Maybe I should go to Vegas for a lesson. There are probably rug hookers there.