Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bear, Raccoon, VW by Ty Liningston

Look what I got!!!! I won this fantastic painting by Ty Liningston on eBay. I am so happy. I had emailed Ty to tell him how much I enjoyed his work since I do the trunk shows for his pattern designs by Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. and in my email I told him how disappointed I was that I didn't win a different painting with the VW, Bear, and Raccoon. Next thing I knew this painting was on the eBay store. You can't imagine how excited I was!!!

Photography does not do his paintings justice. This really is truly wonderful. My husband was very impressed.

Thank you Ty for allowing me to see this adorable painting every single day.

1 comment:

Jeanie Kieft said...

That is the cutest thing ever!!!!
I just HAVE to see it in person for sure!!!
I hope he does a pattern like this one sometime.