Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tasia's Quilt

When I asked Cassondra, our Daughter, what colors Tasia, our Granddaughter, liked so that I could make her graduation quilt she told me that Tasia liked all colors. Not much help but Tasia really does like all colors. So being the good mother, Cassondra found out Tasia wanted a quilt that was black and white with just a touch of red. I assumed a modern design which was right. On a quilting road trip with Kathi and Jeanie, I walked into Washoe Quilt Shoppe in Washoe Montana and all the fabrics were lined up right in front of me! All I had to do was pick out the pattern. This was so much easier than I ever dreamed it would be.

Once the top was finished I had it quilted by Jan Barnett at Quilting by the Creek. She is just amazing and did a perfect job and we all know I am really picky! Her phone # is 307-765-4393 and her email is jeb@tctwest.net. She lives in Greybull Wyoming. I think she needs a blog don't you! Time and time again I am blown away with her quilting. She has won more ribbons than she can even count. I'm giving her all my big quilts from now on!

I hope Tasia likes her quilt. It was for graduation but I didn't get the binding on it until we got back from Alaska. Isn't it funny how a little trip can make so many things revolve around it? At least I'm not giving it to her for Christmas!


Jeanie Kieft said...

That quilt does look just wonderful. Jan really does an amazing job and it really adds to the design.

Anonymous said...

That sure is beautiful. Sure hope she doesn't visit your blog and ruin the surprise. I love Jan's quilting as well. My quilts take a little drive that direction for her to add her special touches. Kathi