Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Moose Open Sleigh by Ty Livingston for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company

OK, I know what you are thinking. "Wow, Sylvia finally learned how to take a decent photograph!" As much as I would like to take the credit I have to say that I am just using the photography of the famous John Staloway. He is not only my boss, who I have NEVER met, he is the photographer for all the pictures on the cover of the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co patterns. He's the owner of the company too, along with his wife Lynn, so I'm guessing it's ok for me to use his photo which shows how great the quilt is, instead of my photo's which make it look like the colors don't match.
One Moose Open Sleigh is one of the new designs by Ty Livingston for Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. This one isn't for their trunk show, which I will make three more for. It is for a Distributor in Sweden who has picked up the Bigfork Bay Patterns and the fabric from Batik Textiles. I told my family that I'm International now! She is having me make 4 of the BBCC quilts for shows in Europe. I am very excited. I am making some for a Distributor in Denmark too, I am International you know!!!

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