Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Adorable Grandson Vince

I haven't shown Vince off lately so I decided it was time. I babysit him two days a week and it is so much fun to watch him change almost weekly. He has such a great personality. He loves the Wiggles. He dances and sings with them and what I think is so cute is that they crack him up. I love watching him laugh.

Vince has a thing for the phone, just like his Aunt Jenny. All day long he pretends his toys are the phone or he has a real phone up to his ear talking on it. I didn't have a picture of his Aunt Jenny for years that she didn't have a phone up to here ear. Ironically, she does tech support with customers over the phone all day and talks on it when she gets home all night.

Jenny's daughter Kenzie, however, is just like Shelly, Vince's Mom. Let's just say they are just a little controlling! I don't know where they all get their traits either. It wasn't from me....


Jeanie Kieft said...

He is growing so fast!!! It's funny what these kids pick up from us isn't it?
Unfortuantely it's not always the good stuff.

Jenny said...

He didn't learn it from me!!!. It it genetic.