Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gondola, Vino, and Autumn Ride,By Bigfork Bay Cotton Company

I just finished these great new quilts for Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. by Debi Hubbs. They were such delight to make. I just LOVE the little dog in all of them. Something about Debi's designs make me smile. I could look at them all day.
These quilts are so simple to make. Traci and Lynn will be at Market with all the new designs next week. The patterns and kits are, as always, available at Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. They aren't up on the website so just call and ask for them by name at 866-245-5718 . I'm sure my favorite shops will be carrying them after market, so check them out too. The websites are on my sidebar.
I am so very excited about all the quilts from Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. I thank God every day that I have the opportunity to make trunk shows for such an amazing group of people. Just wait until you see the other new quilts. They have added even more new artists this time!

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Jeanie Kieft said...

These are sooo cute!!!
They really tickled me.