Saturday, December 16, 2006

Grandpa & Vince

I hope you aren't tired of pictures of Vince yet but he changes so much and besides, this set has Grandpa in it. Alan was putting Vince to sleep and said I HAD to get a picture of him because he looked like he was praying. Notice the frown in the one with Grandpa after I took the first picture! He loves his Grandpa that's for sure and Grandpa sure loves him!


Chris Ditzler said...

You can tell already that Vince will have Grandpa wrapped around his little fingers! They look so sweet together.

Jeanie said...

What wonderful pictures!!!!
Vince has Grampa right where he wants him.
Very, very sweet.

Jeanie said...

I showed Grandma Jo the pics and
she says Vince looks like Grampa!!!