Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Coffee Shop Girls

When my granddaughter Kenzie stays the night with us it's a big deal that when we wake up in the morning I go in and make me a Latte and her a Steamer. Then we lay in bed and watch cartoons and drink our "Coffee Shop" as she calls it. I actually started the tradition to give me a few more minutes of laying down but now it's a big thing for us to do. We have "Coffee Shop" other times of the day but the "Morning Tradition" is what brought this project on.
I've had the pink coffee and breakfast flannel for a long time, wanting to make a pair of pajamas out of it, but of course never got it done. When looking at a Martha Pullen "Sew Beautiful" I saw some cute pj's with a t-shirt that had been embroidered on and came up with the idea to make Kenzie and I both matching "Coffee Shop Girls" pajamas! The bottoms went quickly with my new serger. I sent my best friend Chris the coffee mugs I picked out for the t-shirts and she digitized the "Coffee Shop Girls" under it for me. Shelly made my design just a hair larger than Kenzies, because I'm just a hair larger than she is. LOL
I am so excited for Christmas. Alan thinks I should wrap both sets of pj's in different boxes, tie the two packages together with a bow, and say they are to the "Coffee Shop Girls" from Santa. Won't that be fun! I know she's going to love our matching pj's.


Jeanie said...

Those are just darling!!!!
I agree with Grampa they should come
special from Santa. You girls will be styling. Isn't that what they say now?

Chris Ditzler said...

Oh my gosh! They are so perfect! Kenzie is goig to be so excited. I think you should give them to her on Chrsitmas Eve so you can sleep in them and have Coffeee Shop after you open presents!

I think they are just wonderful.

Ila said...

Perfect!!!!!! You were right on with that choice. And I agree, they should come from Santa. What a cute idea.