Saturday, May 27, 2017

Some Finished Rug Hooking Projects

I have had so much going on in my life. My husband has had a series of strokes, pneumonia, and heart failure. He is doing so much better. He can now walk with a walker which is a HUGE blessing.

I had ordered this footstool kit from Searsport Rug Hooking and I was so glad I did. At the time I couldn't get away long enough to go to my studio to color plan so having the kit worked out so well. The wool was beautiful and I enjoyed hooking this cover so much. At night I would cut wool enough for the next day and since this project was smaller I could use a hoop so I was able to take it to the hospital to work on everyday.  I was glad I ordered the stool too. I got the kit, but you can order a completed stool. You can remove the cover to change with the seasons, or what I like is that it can be easily cleaned if necessary. 

 30 Mile Stage Stop is a design by Two Old Crows that had the word Temperance at the bottom. I changed the name to honor my Great Grandfather Buckey who ran the stage stop between Roundup and Billings Montana.

I ordered the bunny and bunny pillow from Ali Strebel, The little eggs I drew myself. At the time I hooked these I was driving back and forth from the hospital 2 hrs each way. Motel cost was killing me. I had just a little bit of time at night but these designs let me complete a project that was small and attainable at the time. 

The rest of the time I was at the hospital I knit a scarf. A really long 6 1/4 foot scarf. I can't just sit so when my husband was being taken to Billings in the ambulance I grabbed clothes, yarn, and needles. I know the drill all too well.



Jacqueline said...

Glad for you and your husband that he is doing better.

Love your stool

moosecraft said...

I'm very sorry for all of your husband's health issues... but relieved to know he is doing so much better now! It's those "dark days" that bring a stronger appreciation to the lighter days... hugs!
Love the finished stool! I had thoughts of ordering one... Searsport has so many more options available than any other place (that sells similar) has to offer! I do like that the cover can be changed and/or removed for cleaning too! Is the stool sturdy enough to sit on?

Gayle said...

Sorry to hear of your hubby's health issues Sylvia, but I'm glad he's doing better. I love your footstool - making one of these is something I want to do some day also! I bet it was very helpful having handwork while spending all that time at the hospital!

Sylvia said...

The stool is a little short for me to sit on but it would be sturdy enough. My granddaughter sits on it when I French braid her hair.

Faye said...

I'm sorry I didn't realize things were so bad with your husband earlier. I hope he's doing better now. I love your footstool!