Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lion Face

The lion has a face! I'm sure I will have to change something as I go along. So far, as I hook another element of the face it shows something I thought was good needs re-hooked.
I re-hooked the pink in the nose 5 times, and the white under the eyes twice. Out of everything, the ears were the most challenging. I think part of the problem with the ears was that I couldn't see the whole face while I was hooking them. This is a big head. In fact, it seems life size. 

I do think I like the face now, so I will move on to the mane. I would have never been able to do this without Judy Carter's book, Hooking Animals. It is so well written and I took her advise and only worried about one little section at a time. See the whole pattern in a post below.

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Gayle said...

Can I just say - WOW! - ?