Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hats for Everyone

A couple of months before Christmas I took a knitting class at Grand Loop here in Cody, WY. Our first project was learning to make a hat and cowl. While knitting a hat I jokingly told my husband that I was going to make everyone in the family a hat for Christmas. We both laughed at the thought and my husband said that maybe by next year I could have them finished. Keep in mind that I would have to make at least 15 hats.

Little did I know that I would complete the task of making 18 hats, 4 headbands, 5 cowls, and a pair of slippers. No excessive compulsive behavior here! As always, I don't get pictures so I had to get these from one of my daughters.
Lori is VERY sensitive to texture so I made sure her hat was very soft and machine washable. She loves her dolls so much that I made them each a hat too. 

 For Danny I used Noro for his slouchy hat. I think he sleeps in it.
 Ryan's hat is alpaca and SO soft and Vince has an earflap hat out of chunky wool. He also has an alpaca hat and a wool stripe hat.
Kenzie loved her hat out of chunky wool. What you can't see is the pompom off of the tail hanging down in the back. Vince's has a tail but a tassel instead of a pompom. I had originally made the infinity scarf for Jenny, but remembered she had a bad allergy to plastics and since this was a super soft acrylic I gave it to Kenzie instead.

These were all the pictures I got of my knitting adventure but you get the idea. I'm thinking next year might be socks. Who knows!

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Cathryn said...

Gorgeous hats; lucky family!