Monday, May 26, 2014

Wandering Vine Table Runner

I did it!!! I wove an overshot table runner!!
I wish I would have made it a little longer, but I still love it. This was a huge learning experience for me. I had only made two rugs on my loom but decided it was time to try something new. I am so lucky to have a great teacher, Jo Anne Setzer, in Laurel Montana. She helped me get started on this project at home. (I'm making a sampler at her studio) My dilemma now is whether I should tie some more yarn on to the yarn already dressed to make a longer runner in a different color, or make tea towels. Or maybe another rug or two.

Now I understand why weavers own more than one loom. I wish I could have overshot dressed on one loom, and rug warp on the other. Unfortunately, I don't have the room for such a luxury. It isn't like sewing machines. I own several different machines, and love them all for different reasons, but they are much easier to store than a loom would be. I would have to make an addition on to my house for another loom and that will never happen. Heck, I already have the entire basement for my studio. So, I am thankful for the loom I have, and will just have to learn to make one project at a time.
But which one?

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