Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rug Hooking in Shell WY

Quite some time ago I asked my friend Jan Barnett if she knew anyone who knew how to hook rugs. Wyoming seems to be a remote area where rug hooking is concerned. Jan thought that a woman in Shell WY, named Patty Tyrell knew how and she would contact her. Being the impatient soul that I am, I found information on the Internet and taught myself how to hook thanks to wonderful people who record on places like YouTube. 

In September Jan announced that Patty would indeed teach a rug hooking class. When I saw the date I knew I couldn't go. I was so bummed. So.... Thursday I was on Rug Hooking Daily and decided to check the list of members to see if anyone from Wyoming belonged and guess who's name popped up. Yep, Patty's! I asked her how the class went and she said that it was canceled due to her mother-in-laws passing away and that the class was.....Saturday!  She invited me to come and I ended up bringing my hand dyed wool to sell.

The class was so much fun!! There were 11 women who came plus myself and everyone did such a fantastic job of hooking.
Later in the day Patty Tyrell, was able to sit down and hook along with us.
Here is Jan the instigator, not just of the class.... She is a blast to be around no matter where she is.
You can see some of my wool in the background.
Lori was our youngest member and the lady in back of her was the oldest. She mentioned she was 81. I wish I had her energy at my age NOW!

The kits were ordered from I Love Rug Hooking and I have to say the the colors were fabulous!

There were two tables of woman hooking but by the time I realized I should be taking pictures most of the other table had gone. We plan on getting together again. I have hopes that at least a few of us will continue to meet and hopefully even more will join in.


Gayle said...

I was going to invite you to join our rug hooking group here in Utah, but after checking a map it looks like you're on the far side do the state so that probably won't work. Sounds like you found quite a few like minded gals to meet with anyway!

Sylvia said...

If I am ever in Utah you can bet that I will be getting a hold of you Gayle. I have wished for a rug hooking group for so long. Patty, the teacher, learned 12 years ago to hook, so she has waited a very long time for a hooking group.