Monday, January 03, 2011

Next Year's Christmas Gift

I was looking at felted clogs in a catalog the other day, thinking about how much I would love a pair when I ran across a blog where a woman was talking about how she had made several pair for gifts. She showed the HUGE pair before felting and then the adorable pair after felting.

I immediately wanted a pair. No buying them out of the catalog for me, no sir. I want Hand Made! But there is a problem with that. I can't knit, and no it isn't that I don't just know how to knit, I really CAN'T knit. I've tried and it just isn't something I can do. However, my first born daughter can knit! In fact she is knitting me a felted purse right now that is almost finished. It is my Christmas gift for this year. She is finishing the handle right now.

So...I ordered the pattern from Fiber Trends and I ordered the children's size too so that my granddaughter Kenzie can have a pair. Then I called my precious knitting daughter Jenny to inform her that I found my gift for next Christmas. She didn't seem overly thrilled but at the same time she didn't say no either so I'm pretty sure she can get them done. I told her they must be easy because some people have made something like 20 pair. I neglected to tell her that they might not work full time,  have children that had to be taken to dance class, a 10 month old that just learned to walk, and all the things that being a young mother entails. No. I just told her I ordered the pattern and I'll even buy the yarn. After all. I don't want her to be bored or anything.

You birthday is in April....Nah..that's too soon.


Chris said...

Oh for heaven's sake, if I can knit socks, you can knit clogs!!! LOL!!!

Sylvia said...

No Chris, as much as I would love to say I could do it if I wanted to...I can't. I made a two foot long scarf when Randy was very small. Every time I made a mistake I called it a design change. I can't add or subtract stitches. I just plain stink at knitting. I wish I could just say something like "I'm a fabulous knitter but I just don't have the time." but I can't.
So...if Jenny doesn't get them done for me I will just send YOU the yarn and pattern. LOL!

Chris said...

All I can knit is socks. That is just the limit of my skill....

The clogs are really cute though. I can see you in them.