Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aurifil and Stitchery

The most beautiful colors of Aurifil Cotton 12wt. thread arrived at my door the other day. You can't even imagine how excited I was to open the package from Italy and see all the amazingly gorgeous thread inside.

A house guest of ours saw the assortment of thread sitting on my dining table. He was in awe of the colors and asked if they were silk. I told him they were cotton Aurifil thread and he said he had never seen such beautiful colors in his life. I was especially happy when he commented on the quality of the thread, and he isn't even a sewer. He was so right about all the things he said about the thread sitting before him. It did look like silk, it is the best quality on the market, and Aurifil thread does come in the most gorgeous colors I've ever seen.

The arrival of these special threads is the beginning of a new adventure for Woolin Rouge. We are adding Stitchery Designs to our Cabaret of Folk Art Designs. I love to sit and embroidery and Traci's folk art will translate perfectly. Bigfork Bay Cotton Company, the producer of our patterns, is excited about our new direction also. I can't wait to embroider with Aurifil 12wt. thread. It came highly recommended to me by Kelly Ann, owner of Kelly Ann's Quilting. You should check out her blog. It's in my favorites.

All the beautiful colors you see and many many more are available at Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. The Aurifil Cotton thread comes in 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, and 50wt, in 216 mouth watering colors. It is also available in smaller spools and large cones. For all my wool applique I use Aurifil Lana Wool thread.

Feel free to call Bigfork Bay Cotton Company for wholesale prices for your shop, or individual spools for your personal sewing needs at 1-866-245-5718.

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Wow they absolutely yummy!!!