Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Mr and Mrs Diaz

My daughter Michelle "Shelly" Paul became Mrs. Diaz when she married Anthony "Pony" Diaz on the 4th of July. It turned out to be the most beautiful day anyone could ever wish for. Even though the forecast was for rain all day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Well, no black ones anyway. The temperature was in the 70's.

Everything about this wedding went perfectly. I've never seen an event go together so well. Of course, Shelly is a perfectionist and I doubt it ever occurred to her that it wouldn't go off without a flaw.

I love Pony and his family. We have been like one family for many years now and this just made it official. I wish Shelly and Pony a lifetime of love and joy.


Toni Whitney said...

Congrat's to you all Sylvia!!! Sorry I am so late, I have not been computer-izing very well lately.

Jeanie Kieft said...

What a good lookin couple!!!
I wish all the very best for them