Monday, January 19, 2009

Grayson David Holliday, My Nephew!

My brother just sent me pictures of my adorable little nephew Grayson David Holliday! Here he is with his Mother Gay and his Dad Gary. Fortunately for him he is already a Cardinals fan so he is going to know what it's like to be a winner from the beginning! For those who track my blog who don't watch football, they are going to be in the Super Bowl.
My brother and his family live in Arizona so I haven't had the opportunity to see my "bundle of joy" yet but I sure hope it doesn't take long before I do.
Gary says Grayson is such a good baby. He is always so happy and hardly cries. I think he gets that from me.
We are all so excited for Gary and Gay! This is their first baby and they are having the time of their lives with him. I can't wait to have my time too.
Now I have to go..there is a baby quilt to make!!!!!!!

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Chris said...

He's as cute as can be.