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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vince's First Birthday

I was informed that I hadn't posted any pictures of Vince's first birthday so I thought I had better get with it. Here he is getting some help with the new toys. He got so many noisy toys! Do you think it was some sort of payback? I think so.
Isn't this just wonderful. He LOVED the Barney DVD. The look on his dad's face was more like OH NO!!!! Humm, Aunt Jenny, is that why you bought Barney?
Mom and Dad bought him his very own birthday cake. He hadn't even started to have fun with it yet in this picture. He was covered by the time he was done. It was a good thing his mom laid down plastic before he started.


Jeanie Kieft said...

Those are great!!! He has really grown and I am glad he got Barney!!! Sometimes paybacks are so fun!

Jeanie Kieft said...

Oh, I hope that all the noisy toys went home and not stay at Grandma's and Grandpa's!!!! The only other payback other than noisey toys are play doh. lol

Sylvia said...

Speaking of play doh, my brother gave a friends child the play doh barber shop for his birthday one year.The play doh came out the heads like hair and you had a knife to cut it off with. I can't remember what they paid him back with but the mother said there were tiny pieces of play doh all over every inch of their house.

Chris said...

He is so cute!! And so big!! How did the year go by so fast?

BTW I am with Pony on this one. I hate Barney LOL!

Jenny said...

Barney would be my fault. Of course it was payback. HAHA!! I love being the aunt. It was great to watch Vince get so excited aobut his presents.

Chris said...

BTW I wanted to know about the cute dress Kenzie is wearing at the party?